About MelodicSoloing.com

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Hi, my name is Cato and I am the owner of MelodicSoloing.com and I am going to keep this short. You are probably not here for my life story.

I have been passionate about music and guitars for most of my life and I have a soft spot for beautiful melodic lines in all kinds of music. Be it in classical music, orchestral movie scores, bluesy jazz or the heaviest of good old trash metal (Megadeth was a favorite in my teens and discovering Marty Friedman’s solo work was one of those great turning points in my early guitar life), great melody will always be something that inspires me.

I wanted to create a website that completely focuses on tips and lessons around melodic guitar soloing and I really hope you will find this site useful. To be honest with you, I am probably doing this site more for myself because I want to grow as a musician and doing these types of lessons will push me to think more of what I am actually doing and what areas of weakness I need to focus on. Learning music is a lifelong journey so there’s always some area to improve upon.

50 Melodic Guitar Licks & Solo Ideas - Book Cover

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A few years ago I published a small Kindle book with 50 melodic solo ideas over 5 different chord progressions (10 solo ideas for each chord progression).

This was a fun little project and the first time I published some sheet music with my own solo ideas for clean electric guitar.

I have now recorded video for each and every solo idea in this little ebook and I am launching this website with all the video recordings and audio tracks for you to freely check out and learn from. I really hope that you will find a few of these solo ideas interesting and that you will learn something new.

Please go here for a complete overview of the 50 melodic solo ideas and links to the video recordings.