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50 Melodic Guitar Licks & Solo Ideas

50 Melodic Guitar Licks & Solo Ideas - book coverA few years ago I put together a little Kindle book called “50 Melodic Guitar Licks & Solo Ideas Vol. 1” (now renamed without the Vol. 1 in the title). This was my first attempt to publish a book with guitar sheet music and it contains 50 of my own short melodic solo and exercise phrases for clean electric guitar over 5 different chord progressions (10 melodic licks per chord progression). These melodic lick ideas will be more suitable for advanced beginners to intermediate players, but I do think anyone from amateur to professional will find at least a couple of phrases here interesting.

I have now put together video material for each melodic idea and it is now all free for you to view and learn from. I really hope that you will learn something new and that you can make a few of these melodic solo ideas your own.

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